Game of Thrones Premier Party

The premier of Season 8 of Game of Thrones felt a little like my birthday – after months of anticipation, the day finally arrived, we had an awesome group of friends over to celebrate, there were decorations, a lot of wine and a huge cake… and a few too many candles. My previous blog post outlined all the decorations I hand made for the party, but I just wanted to share some of the details of the actual dinner party.

The Cake

The most important part of any celebration, right? This was a custom order at Lazy Acres, a local grocery store where they have an awesome bakery. Only the baker I was working with had never seen Game of Thrones and therefore was utterly confused when I was trying to explain what I wanted the cake to look like (“you really want it blood colored?”). I was really thrilled with how it turned out – it’s a chocolate cake underneath the white icing and it tasted delicious.

The food

I stole a lot of ideas from Pinterest for Game of Thrones inspired food (e.g. Sansalsa) but came up with a couple myself (Brie of Tarth being my favorite). I printed out name cards for the food using a GOT font. I was really pleased with myself for being so witty and then realized the next day that I had a typo on one of them, so the Army of the Unsullied for the Amy of the Unsullied, which makes no sense as the Unsullied don’t really to get to have an Amy, given their lack of relevant body parts. Also the “Theon Greyjoy Special” was funnier and less gross in my head than when actually seeing it on the plate. Anyway, here is some of what I came up with (I also had some Dorne Drumsticks to go with the Medieval feast idea, plus Reagarlic bread, Podrick potatoes etc.):

The Table Setting

I attached my house sigil banners to the window by the dining table. The centerpiece was made out of a sword and an axe. (Everyone has those kind of things lying around their house, right? The axe was my mother-in-law’s that we inherited, and the sword we 3D printed). I added touches of red with the napkins and the roses and used medieval-style wine globlets.

Little Extras

I cut out this sign for my bathroom using my Cricut and removable black vinyl. I definitely got a chuckle out of my guests. I haven’t taken it down yet as I still get a kick out of it, and it actually serves a purpose!

The final table set-up

I was so pleased with how the final table looked, particularly later at night when it was lit just by candlelight. I was so sad to dismantle it all… but I’m thinking it might be worth redoing in a couple weeks for the finale!


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