Little Monster Party Decorations

My adorable nephew Sebastian was turning 1, and I couldn’t resist offering to make some decorations for his first birthday party, which was “Little Monster” themed. I managed to whip these decorations up in 2-3 days, and really enjoyed my “alone time” with my trusty cricut machine, my hot glue gun and my sewing machine. I focused my efforts solely on styling the dessert table as that’s where I could make the biggest impact rather than spreading the decorations out throughout the location.

Here’s a preview of the final product:

Here are some of the details:

Little Monster card cut outs

These cute little guys were super easy to design as I just used existing monster Cricut images rather than designing something myself. I picked my four favorite monsters and made them in a variety of sizes, varying the colors between blue, green, yellow and orange. Half way through I realized that they would look even cooler with googly eyes, so I started adding them in, but ran out of energy to replace every single one. The smallest cut outs worked really well as cupcake toppers, and I also attached some of them in a line along kitchen rolls to look like a little monster tower.

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