About Christine’s Creations

Christine’s Creations comes from the imagination of Christine De Sanctis, a native Brit but a San Diego resident for the last 18 years.


“Hello – and thanks for checking out Christine’s Creations! In case you were curious how I arrived at this destination, here is a little about my story.

Phase 1: The Nerd

Back in 2000 I was studying for my Masters of Engineering degree at Oxford University in the UK when I had the opportunity to do research abroad at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Six weeks after I arrived I was set up on a blind date with my now-husband, who was studying down in San Diego. After graduating I packed up my belongings back in the UK and moved out to SD and started an engineering job working at an aerospace firm and was lucky enough to be part of the team working on the Mars Rover project.

Phase 2: Business Woman

In 2003 I joined a boutique strategy consulting firm where I worked for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. After that I spent the following 13 years in Product Management and Marketing Strategy roles at three different Fortune 500 companies.

Phase 3: Passionate Creator

I have always loved crafting and designing (in fact my first ever income was from a short-lived crafting business that I worked on with my Mum and my sister when I was ~10 years old) but hadn’t taken it seriously until I was truly inspired by becoming a mom to my beautiful daughter Ellie. Suddenly there was more of a reason to start celebrating every day and creating things to inspire not just her but others too.”